Multidimensional Poverty Measurement with the Weak Focus Axiom

Mardi | 2009-03-10 Bresson FLORENT – Isabelle RABAUD The present paper defines an axiomatic framework for multidimensional povertymeasurement that fits a weak version of the focus axiom and is consistentwith Duclos, Sahn, and Younger’s (2006) “well-being” approach of poverty identification.This slackening of the tradtional axiomatic framework is appealing fortwo reasons. First, regarding the issue of … Lire la suite

External Imbalances and Collateral Constraints in a Two-Country World

Mardi | 2009-02-24 Eleni ILIOPULOS – Yannick LUCOTTE In this article, we focus on current account dynamics in large openeconomies characterized by debt-constrained heterogeneous agents andendogenous monetary policies. We incorporate three key features thathave bulked large in the New Open Macroeconomics literature: i) homebias in trade ii) price rigidities and iii) durable goods (real properties).In … Lire la suite

Securitization and the Intensity of Competition

Mardi | 2009-02-19 Jung-Hyun AHN – Régis BRETON – Jean-Paul POLLIN This article analyzes the motivation of loan securitization. Weshow that loan securitization can be used as a strategic tool to softenloan market competition. In a two – period loan market competitionmodel where banks strategically decide whether they acquire informationabout borrowers, banks’ strategic acquisition of … Lire la suite

The Employment Effects of Public Training Programme : Evidence from Latvian Micro and Macro Data

Mardi | 2009-02-03 Jekaterina DMITRIJEVA – Rémi BAZILLIER During the transition to market economy and the accession to the EU Central and EasternEuropean countries have witnessed remarkable changes in the structure and functioningof national economies. The aim of this paper is to investigate the role of active labourmarket policy (ALMP) programmes in smoothing the consequences … Lire la suite

The Economics of Performance Appraisals

Mardi | 2009-01-27 Marc-Arthur DIAYE – N. GREENAN – William TELKES Performance appraisals have become a widespread practice in OECDmember countries. However, whereas the problem of constructing an optimalcontract with subjective evaluation receives a lot of attention, firmlevelperformance appraisals are strikingly left outside of economic theory.The purpose of this paper is threefold: first, to theoretically … Lire la suite

Caractéristiques communales et retour à l’emploi: une analyse empirique sur données françaises

Mardi | 2009-01-13 Oana CALAVREZO – Florent SARI – Gilbert COLLETAZ Nous étudions l’impact de trois caractéristiques communales (taux de chômage, part des nondiplôméset potentiel fiscal) sur le retour à l’emploi des individus (durée avant de trouver unemploi -peu importe sa nature- et durée avant d’avoir un CDI). Ces caractéristiquesdécrivent le degré de « désavantage … Lire la suite