Année : 2018

L’instabilité politique et ses déterminants : un réexamen empirique

Mardi | 2018-12-18 Salle des thèses 16h – 17h20 Hassen KOBBI – Comlanvi Jude EGGOH De nombreux pays subissent des crises politiques, parfois sévères avec des conséquences économiques dramatiques, sans qu’une analyse profonde des motifs de ces phénomènes d’instabilité politique ne soit réellement effectuée. Une meilleure connaissance des facteurs favorisant l’instabilité politique, permettra de mieux […]

Rules of Origin and the Profitability of Trade Deflection

Mardi | 2018-11-26 Salle des thèses 10h30 – 12h Gabriel FELBERMAYR – Feodora TETI – Erdal YALCIN When two countries conclude a free trade agreement (FTA), they define rules of origin (RoOs) to determine whether a product is eligible for preferential treatment. RoOs exist to avoid that exports from third countries enter the FTA through […]

Individual preferences regarding pesticide-free management of green-spaces: a discrete choice experiment with French citizens

Mardi | 2018-11-20 Salle des thèses 16h – 17h20 Marianne LEFEBVRE – Pauline LAILLE – Masha MASLIANSKAIA-PAUTREL We elicit citizens’ preferences for pesticide-free management in urban green spaces. While the literature has focused mostly on the estimation of willingness to pay for pesticide reduction in agricultural production by farmers and food products by consumers, the […]

Differentiated Impact of AGOA and EBA on West African Countries

Mardi | 2018-11-19 Salle Sully 5 11h – 13h The “African Growth Opportunity Act” (AGOA) and “Everything But Arms” (EBA), two preferential agreements extended by the US (AGOA) and the EU (EBA) to some developing countries seem to have contributed somewhat to boost Sub-Saharan Africa’s exports since 2001. However, not all African countries have benefited […]