Année : 2021

19 janvier 2021 : Conférence DE JURE (Data and Evidence for Justice Reform) Innovations in Data with Policy Implications

On Line by TEAMS Le CRJ Pothier et le LEO organise un Webinaire avec une présentation de Daniel Lee CHEN sur le thème des relations entre Big Data et la Loi. Il présentera son article : DE JURE (Data «and Evidence for Justice Reform): Innovations in Data with Policy Implications. Cette conférence sera accessible dès 13h45 via TEAMS. Cliquez ici pour rejoindre la conférence

 » Complying with Containment? Political Trust and Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) in Turkey. »

Mardi | 2021-12-07 Salle B.103 – 16h What explains varying levels of compliance with public health measures? During the global COVID-19 pandemic, governments around the world have implemented various forms of containment measures or “non-pharmaceutical interventions” (NPIs). These include lockdowns, mask mandates, curfews, the closure of businesses, schools, or places of worship, and more. One factor in public health authorities’ and governments’ decision making about which measures to implement has been anticipated rates of compliance. Compliance, in turn, affects the […]

Fiscal Convergence and Sustainability in Africa: Evidence from African Regional Economic Communities

Mercredi | 2021-12-03 Salle des thèses – 12h Jedah OGWENO The literature on regional integration has acknowledged the use of macroeconomic convergence programs to align domestic policies regarding fiscal deficits, public debt, inflation, interest rates and exchange rates, and foster the monetary integration process. This paper analyses fiscal convergence and its contribution to fiscal sustainability in African Regional Economic Communities (RECs) over the period 2000 to 2019 using data on government debt, revenue and expenditure. Log t convergence tests indicate […]

Freeze! Financial Sanctions and Bank Responses

Mardi | 2021-11-30 16h – Salle des thèses VOLKER NITSCH When one country imposes financial sanctions against another country, its domestic banks must end business relations with targeted counterparties. Based on regulatory data, we show that banks domiciled in Germany reduce lending in countries targeted by German sanctions. However, German bank subsidiaries and branches domiciled abroad increase their positions in the sanctioned countries by 44% relative to their parent banks at home. This incremental effect increases to 95% for German […]

Too-big-to-strand? Bond versus bank financing in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Mardi | 2021-11-23 16h – B103 What is the role market- and bank-based debt play in the climate transition process? We presentevidence that bond markets price the risk that assets held by fossil fuel firms strand, while banks inthe syndicated loan market seemingly do not price this risk much. Consequently, to fulfill theirfinancing needs fossil fuel firms increasingly rely less on bonds and more on loans. We caninterpret the within-firm bond-to-loan substitution along stranding risk as a contraction in the […]

A Nash Demand Game Experiment in Multiple Dimensions

Mercredi | 2021-11-18 B103 – 12h00 Jentry JONES Is it easier or harder to bargain in a multidimensional bargaining setting? Though multidimensional bargaining settings are common, different literatures have different answers. Individuals’ interests are not necessarily diametrically opposed in multiple dimensions, but multiple dimensions are conceptually more challenging and may unintentionally lead to an increased dependence on heuristics. This experiment uses an induced value, bidimensional Nash Demand Game to investigate how a multidimensional framing of the bargaining setting can affect […]

Do Conservative Central Bankers Weaken the Chances of Conservative Politicians?

Mercredi | 2021-10-07 Salle des thèses – 12h Hugo ORIOLA – Patrick VILLIEU – Maxime MENUET This article challenges the claim that an independent conservative central bank strengthens the chances of a conservative government. In contrast, if the election is based on the comparative advantages of the different candidates, an inflation-fighter central banker can deter the chances of a conservative candidate, because, once inflation is removed, its comparative advantage in the fight against inflation disappears. Theoretically, in a policy-mix game […]

Thèses et HDR 2021

Raphael DANINO-PERRAUD, « Les politiques d’approvisionnement en minerais critiques: Une analyse combinée de la chaîne de valeur et des flux de cobalt dans l’Union européenne » (sous la direction de Xavier GALIEGUE), soutenue le 08 février 2021.Consultez la publicité de soutenance Alexis CHOLLET « Incidences des normes de liquidités sur les modèles bancaires » (sous la direction de Raphaëlle BELLANDO), soutenue le 19 mars 2021.Consultez la publicité de soutenance Evrard MOUNKALA  « Rigidités nominales, noyau d’inflation et croissance dans la Communauté Economique et Monétaire de l’Afrique […]

Transnational Transfer of Carbon emissions embodied and Carbon Tax in Trade: Characteristics and Determinants from a Spatial Perspective

Mercredi | 2021-06-17 11h00 – C202 Sahar AMIDI – Thais NUNEZ-ROCHA – Isabelle RABAUD – Rezgar FEIZI Finding the best way to reduce pollution in a world with growing environmental concerns is important for decisions makers. Some scholars hold that a global carbon tax is the bestpolicy for reduced pollution. With the rising role of globalization, assessing the impacts of carbon taxation on carbon emissions embodied in the trade becomes a key question, however,this question has been overlooked. This is […]