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Séminaire du mardi 8 janvier 2019 : Olivier MASSOL Le 08 janvier 2019 | LEO, Salle des thèses

Le prochain séminaire du LEO aura lieu le mardi 8 janvier 2019 de 16 h 00 à 17 h 20 en salle des thèse : Olivier MASSOL (IFP School),  présentera son article "Capturing Industrial CO2 Emissions in Spain: Infrastructures, Costs an,d Break-Even Price" co-écrit avec Stéphane TCHUNG-MING et Albert BANAL-ESTANOL;

Abstract :

This paper examines the conditions for the deployment of large-scale pipeline and storage infrastructure needed for the capture of CO2 in Spain by 2040. It details a modeling framework that allows us to determine the optimal infrastructure needed to connect a geographically disaggregated set of emitting and storage clusters, along with the threshold CO2 values necessary to ensure that the considered emitters will make the necessary investment decisions. This framework is used to assess the relevance of various policy scenarios, including (i) the perimeter of the targeted emitters for a CCS uptake, and (ii) the relevance of constructing several regional networks instead of a single grid to account for the spatial characteristics of the Spanish peninsula. We find that three networks naturally emerge in the north, center and south of Spain. Moreover, the necessary CO2 break-even price critically depends on the presence of power stations in the capture perimeter. Policy implications of these findings concern the elaboration of relevant, pragmatic recommendations to envisage CCS deployment locally, focusing on emitters with lower substitution options toward low-carbon alternatives.