Année : 2013

Larte Sample Properties of the Matrix Exponential Spatial Specification with an Application to FDI

Mardi | 2013-10-15 B103 Nicolas DEBARSY – Fei JIN – Lung-fei LEE This paper considers the large sample properties of the matrix exponential spatial speci cation (MESS) and compares its properties with those of the spatial autoregressive (SAR) model. We nd that the quasimaximum likelihood estimator (QMLE) for the MESS is consistent under heteroskedasticity, a property not shared by the QMLE of the SAR model. For the MESS in both homoskedastic and heteroskedastic cases, consistency is proved and asymptotic distributions […]

Nuclear Waste Storage and Environmental Intergenerational Externalities

Mardi | 2013-10-08 salle des thèses Mouez FODHA This article analyzes the long-term consequences of nuclear waste storage within a general equilibrium framework. The objective is to determine the conditions for which the storage of waste, and thus the transfer of externalities towards the future, can be optimal. These conditions could explain the implementation of intergenerational externalities, justifying an intertemporal Not In My Back Yard behaviour. We …rst show that the choice of the policy instruments determine the feasibility of […]

Liquidity Hoarding Behavior During the Financial Crisis. Empirical Evidence from the European Banking System

Mardi | 2013-10-01 salle des thèses Emilia COROVEI – Simona MUTU Generally, the incentives of banks to stock liquid assets are driven by two reasons: the precautionary motive and the speculative motive. Using bank-specific balance sheet data this paper provides empirical evidence of the main drivers of liquidity hoarding behavior in the European banking system during 2004-2011. We propose a time-varying approach to distinguish between liquidity hoarding and non-hoarding banks. The methodology is based on the First Difference GMM estimator […]