Nuclear Waste Storage and Environmental Intergenerational Externalities

Mardi | 2013-10-08
salle des thèses


This article analyzes the long-term consequences of nuclear waste storage within a general equilibrium framework. The objective is to determine the conditions for which the storage of waste, and thus the transfer of externalities towards the future, can be optimal. These conditions could explain the implementation of intergenerational externalities, justifying an intertemporal Not In My Back Yard behaviour. We …rst show that the choice of the policy instruments determine the feasibility of the storage policy. Indeed, economic stability imposes precise levels of the rate of storage or of the tax rate, making it possible to avoid chaotic economic dynamics. Depending on the period at which an accident may occur and on the value of the social discount rate, storing all the nuclear waste may be optimal. Indeed, the longer the zero risk period is, the lower is the impact of nuclear risk on the welfare of the present generations.