Inclusive Education and Health Performance in Sub Saharan Africa 

Date : Mardi | 2023-02-28 à 12h30
Lieu : Salle des thèses

Jean-Claude KOULADOUM (University of Moundou, Chad)


The study assesses the efect of inclusive education on health performance in 48 Sub Saharan African countries from 2000 to 2020. The study adopted the Driscoll/Kraay technique to address cross-sectional dependence and the GMM strategy to address potential endogeneity. The study employed three indicators of health performance which are the total life expectancy, the female life expectancy and the male life expectancy. Three gender parity index of educational enrolments are employed: primary education, secondary and the tertiary education as indicators of inclusive education. The fndings of the study reveal that inclusive education enhances the health situation of individuals in Sub Saharan Africa. The fndings further show that the health situation of both the male and the female are improved by inclusive education. The study recommends policymakers in this region to invest more in the education and the health sector so as to enhance the health performance of the citizens.