Local Diffusion of Short-Time Work

Mardi | 2017-11-14
Salle des thèses 16h – 17h20

Florence PUECH – Sandra NEVOUX – Eric MARCON

This paper aims at assessing the local diffusion of short-time work. We argue that the geographical proximity of establishments having already used short-time work in the past is a major information channel regarding this scheme. Relying on distance-based methods, our stylized facts highlight the spatial and dynamic concentration of short-time work use in France between 2002 and 2014. Our econometric analysis reveals that (i) the local information about short-time work constitutes an important determinant of its use, (ii) it attenuates as the distance range increases and (iii) this information is better transmitted within than between sectors. We interpret this significant spatial concentration of short-time use, after controlling of the individual determinants of the applicants, as an evidence of information spillovers.