Time for waste, waste of time ? Assessing heterogeneous values of saving time from recycling using a latent-class rank-ordered logit approach

Mardi | 2017-03-21
16h00-17h20 salle des thèses

Olivier BEAUMAIS – Dominique PRUNETTI

Although the opportunity cost of time spent recycling has long been recognized as a key determinant of household recycling participation, very few empirical studies have attempted to provide estimates of it. In this paper, we propose a model of household recycling that, while including pecuniary and non pecuniary motives for decisions, such as social and moral norms or warm-glow, reveals heterogeneous values of saving time from recycling (VSTR). The predictions of our model are being tested, extending the basic latent-class logit model to the latent-class ranked ordered model and using data from a discrete choice experiment on waste management conducted in 2008 in Corsica. We find VSTR clearly heterogeneous across individuals, ranging from 8% to 76% of one’s income.