Année : 2014

Evaluation des effets des politiques non conventionnelles à partir d’un modèle DSGE à deux pays

Mercredi | 2014-06-18 Salle B103, 12H00 A 14H00 Cet article vise à étudier les effets des politiques non conventionnelles dans un modèled’équilibre général dynamique stochastique (DSGE). Nous considérons le cas de deux payssoumis à la même politique monétaire mais différents dans les paramètres caractéristiquesdes économies. Cette dimension autorise des effets asymétriques de la politiques monétaire.Le […]

What Happens when Gamblers Get their Hands on Money? Lottery-type Stocks at the Turn of the Month

Mardi | 2014-06-10 Salle des thèses Yun (Eric) MENG – Cristos PANTZALIS Lottery-type stocks outperform the rest at the turn of the month. This effect is particularly pronounced among firms located in areas whose demographic profile resembles that of the typical lottery-ticket buyers (i.e. gamblers) and partially driven by the within-month cyclicality of local investors’ […]

A Microsimulation Framework for Projecting Public Pension’ Sustainability. Simulating Labour-Market Transitions and Contribution Years in Argentina

Mercredi | 2014-05-21 Salle B103 – 16h20 Leonardo Eric CALCAGNO Using a standard microsimulation framework, this paper intends to draw perspectives on Argentina’s pension system from a household-level quarterly survey data, the EPH. After describing the country’s current public Pay-As You-Go pension system, this paper uses the country’s house-hold survey’s labour market related data to […]

Stability and Identification with Optimal Macroprudential Policy Rules (version 1)

Mardi | 2014-05-13 Salle des thèses Jean-Bernard CHATELAIN – Kirsten RALF This paper investigates the identification, the determinacy and the stability of ad hoc, ”quasi-optimal” and optimal policy rules augmented with financial stability indicators (such as asset prices deviations from their fundamental values) and minimizing the volatility of the policy interest rates, when the central […]