Thou Shall Not Work Alone (version provisoire)

Mardi | 2013-12-10
salle des thèses


This paper focuses on the properties of the matching process which leads to scienti…c collaboration. In a …rst step, it builds a theoretical model to describe the intertemporal choice of researchers faced to successive possibilities of co-authoring papers. In a second part, the paper empirically asseses the properties of the model’s optimal solution. The main empirical result is that the number and the quality of a researcher’s co-authors re‡ect the productivity of this researcher. This result is consis- tent with the assumption that co-authorship is justi…ed by a willingness to increase both the quality and the quantity of research output. As a researcher with a high number of in‡uent publications will work with a higher number of in‡uencial co-authors, co-authoring with in‡uent researchers appears as a signalling device of a researcher’s quality