A theoretical and Empirical Comparison of Systemic Risk Measures: MES versus Delta CoVaR

Mardi | 2012-02-21

Sylvain BENOIT – Gilbert COLLETAZ – Christophe HURLIN

We derive several popular systemic risk measures in a common framework and show that they can be expressed as transformations of market risk measures (e.g., beta). We also derive conditions under which the di¤erent measures lead to similar rankings of systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs). In an empirical analysis of US financial institutions, we show that (1) di¤erent systemic risk measures identify di¤erent SIFIs and that (2) firm rankings based on systemic risk estimates mirror rankings obtained by sorting firms on market risk or liabilities. One-factor linear models explain most of the variability of the systemic risk estimates, which indicates that systemic risk measures fall short in capturing the multiple facets of systemic risk.