The Impact of Different Types of Resource Transfers on Individual Well-Being: An Analysis of Quality of Life using CASP12

Mardi | 2011-03-08


In this paper, we use data for Spain from the Survey of Health, Ageingand Retirement in Europe (SHARE, release 2.3.1) to model the determi-nants of quality of life of the elderly, paying special attention to theirintergenerational relations. We propose to study the CASP12 (a socialfunctional index) and explore the e¤ect of interdependency in terms ofthe transfers of the resources of time and money that the eldest do to andreceive from other members of the family. To do so, we estimate a latentclass model to explore the determinants of well-being. This allows us todistinguish the existance of two di¤erent subpopulations, whose qualityof life is modelled in di¤erent ways and that potentially would requiredi¤erent types of public care policies.